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Sarah Veliz, hanging textile sculpture

In the Witt Gallery during the week of March 26-30, is a very special exhibition by Sacramento State student Sarah Veliz. This tactile-based installation, called Touch, was created to be a hands on experience that explores the artistic possibilities for works that can be experienced by individuals with visual impairments. The artist is majoring in social work and interested in the way that art is experienced by those with disabilities, as well as how art may be made more accessible for people with visual impairments.

show title, with braille labels

hanging relief sculpture

textured painting


"Creativity Takes Courage"

Visitors the gallery were encouraged to close their eyes and experience the artworks through the sense of touch. Additionally, all pieces were titled/labeled in braille. A chart was provided so that visitors could translate the text. This interactive experience will only be up for one week.

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