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Nude Cement

Updated: Mar 26, 2018

Taylor Wordell, Pet Bull (detail), acrylic on canvas

I braved the torrential downpour this past weekend to go out to R Street for First Friday. The inclement weather resulted in a pretty dead Friday night near the typically busy Warehouse Artist Lofts (WAL) and other trendy venues in this hipster revitalized neighborhood. While that might have affected the typically energetic atmosphere, the actual art viewing was a bit easier than usual.

left: Pet Bull, acrylic on canvas

right: Boy with Black Hair, acrylic on canvas

The primary show of interest to me this weekend was Nude Cement by artist Taylor Wordell at the WAL Public Market Gallery. This gallery location usually provokes mixed feelings for me. While I enjoy the idea of fine art being displayed in such a public setting, it is usually difficult to view the art around dining and shopping patrons. For group shows, the viewing is typically less frustrating, but for solo shows, I miss having the opportunity to view the body of work as a whole. This is where the low volume of art-goes this weekend really paid off.

This was the Nevada City native's first exhibition in Sacramento. Wordell's narrative based paintings were inspired by the artist residency she recently completed in Reykjavik, Iceland. Her artwork has an immediacy to it that elicits fragments of time and bits of whimsical stories. The candy-colored palette helps to create this sense of fuzzy fanciful memories frozen in time. While the quick painting style points to thoughts that can no longer be fully rendered but only pieced together like a patchwork quilt.

Taylor Wordell, Midway

acrylic on canvas

"Her process is not predetermined, as each painting is an organic experiment. Through abstract and unplanned movements, an open narrative is told, which can be interpreted differently through each viewer’s experience. She works primarily with acrylic paint and stretched canvas." -Artist Biography,

Taylor Wordell, Men and Textiles

acrylic on canvas

Men and Textiles (detail)

To learn more about Terry Wordell or to see more of her works, visit her website Lil Man Art. Her show will be up at the WAL Public Market Gallery all month.

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