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Art & Politics Inside Capitalism

From working class to super star, artists find themselves uniquely positioned within the capitalist framework.  Their labor blurs the boundaries of class distinction and can be wielded powerfully to promote systemic change or reinforce the elitist status quo.  Like an honest mirror, art lets us see all our imperfections, contradictions, and brutal truths. This exchange is meant to be an exploration of how the value of art and artists function within our contemporary social framework- from emerging local artist, to Pinterest mom, to balloon dog millionaire.

Participating Artists:

Alanna Austin

Jared Barbick

Marie Dixon

Nicole Ellis

Amy Foltz

Matthew Hopson-Walker

Mario Kiran

the Mayor

Shara Mercado Poole

Tonyefa Oyake

Patricia Phare-Camp

Sage Stanley

Vickie Tran

An Truong

Summer Ventis

Claire White


Click on images below to enlarge & find more info about each artist:

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